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Why do profiles need to be renewed?

Whether a resident has no pet, pet, or assistance animal, their PetScreening digital profile should remain active and updated throughout their current lease and BEFORE a lease renewal is executed to maintain the accuracy of a Property Manager's records.

Below are a few examples to demonstrate the importance requiring all your residents to renew their PetScreening digital profile:

No Pet/Animal Profile: If a resident has a No Pet/Animal profile on file and the Property Manager (PM) is about to renew the lease, then the PM should require a renewed/updated No Pet profile. Why? The PM doesn't know if this resident still has No Pet/Animal. Having the resident renew allows him/her to legally attest that he/she still does not have a pet/animal. This continues to provide the PM additional liability protection against residents that might be residing with an unauthorized pet/animal.

Household Pet Profile: The PM should know, prior to signing a lease renewal, that the resident still has the same exact pet when they moved-in and not a new puppy, for example. Why? If the resident’s original pet at move-in passed away and he/she now has a puppy, then the puppy presents a much different level of household risk for the PM. Even if the resident’s pet is the same one at the time of move-in, the PM should require a renewed Pet Profile that is updated with important information such as vaccinations and behavioral information. As part of our renewal process the resident must legally attest that what they are submitting is truthful and accurate which includes an affirmation that his/her pet hasn’t bitten a person or pet/animal.

Assistance Animal Profile: Reasonable accommodation requests are for individuals who do not have readily apparent (i.e. invisible, non-obvious) disabilities. PMs are well within their rights to make sure the accommodation request is still applicable before executing a lease renewal. Why? An individual with a disability and disability-related need for an assistance animal may have, in fact, received adequate therapy/counseling during the prior lease term to ameliorate (resolve) his/her need for the assistance animal. PetScreening is willing to review every reasonable accommodation renewal request (every 12-months) to ensure the request still meets the HUD and FHAct guidelines.

Renewal Fees & Offers

If a PM is going to renew a resident’s lease for an additional term (i .e. 1, 3, 6 or 12-months), it’s a best practice for the PM to require the resident to renew his/her respective PetScreening digital profile (No Pet, Pet or Assistance Animal) for an additional year.


Pet owners can renew their household pet profiles for an additional year per pet for a nominal fee. There is no charge ($0) to renew assistance animal profiles or no pet/animal profiles.

All profiles are valid for one year upon activation, and will automatically renew for consecutive one-year terms unless the pet owner or PetScreening notify the other of its desire to terminate prior to the start of the next term.


As an added benefit for renewing a pet profile, pet owners are sent exclusive offers and discounts on pet products and services from PetScreening's vendor partners.

Auto-Renewal Policy & Settings


Pet Owners can turn auto-renewal OFF and ON under their account settings within their PetScreening account.

To take action, pet owners should go to LOGIN > MY ACCOUNT > PAYMENTS.

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Got More Questions?
We’re here to help. Write to us:
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