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PetScreening University

Service Overview

This initial lesson takes a high-level look at PetScreening's service offering and includes highlights of your user terms of service.

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Profile Types Defined

Household Pet, Assistance Animal, No-Pet/Co-Pet. Learn the features of each profile and how your residents should choose their profile type.

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Navigating Your Account

In this lesson, discover features of your PetScreening Dashboard. Topics include Global Search and Archiving Resident Accounts.

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Customize Your Settings

Design your PetScreening Landing Page, configure your FIDO Score, enable Billing options, turn on and send Notifications & more.

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Two-Way Integrations

Yardi Voyager, RealPage OneSite & Rent Manager users can integrate PetScreening with their property management software.

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Submitting and tracking incident reports; Programming activity report notifications; Sharing profiles with on-site personnel

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This lesson covers how to introduce PetScreening to your applicants and residents, addressing FAQs, and how to reach us for customer support.

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Pet Audits & Compliance

Learn best practices for conducting a digital pet audit across your rental portfolio. Audit reporting & billing options are covered in this course.

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Renewing Profiles

Learn about the profile renewal process and why and how each of your returning residents should renew their profile annually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after an applicant submits a profile application?

Can PetScreening be integrated into an existing rental application process?

How can PetScreening generate revenue opportunities for my firm?

Can Pet Profiles be shared with on-site staff and maintenance teams?

How do you validate assistance animal accommodation requests?

How does a housing provider register and get started with PetScreening™?

How long does the screening process take after the application is submitted?

How much does this cost?

Do you provide printable copies of Profiles?

Is it possible to document pet-related damages or incidents in PetScreening™?

Can a Pet Owner create a Pet Profile without using a Property Manager’s unique PetScreening URL?

What qualifies as documentation for an Assistance Animal? Are you allowed to ask for this information?