Validate Assistance Animal Requests

Created by property managers, for property managers, PetScreening is a simple, robust and secure solution to review reasonable accommodation requests for service animals & support animals.


We Manage Accommodation Request Reviews so Property Managers Can Manage Their Assets

Stop Fake ESAs

Our Assistance Animal Review Team contacts every health care provider to affirm the documentation submitted is authentic.

Liability Protection

Don't worry about saying the wrong thing or asking the wrong question - our Assistance Animal Review Team and product workflow records the questions and comments for documentation purposes.

Increase Pet Revenue

If we determine it's not an assistance animal, our FIDO Score™ collects data which can be used to fine tune pet-related fees.

What are Assistance Animals?
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Not All Animal Requests Meet Federal Guidelines

Our Assistance Animal Review Team has found that a significant number of reasonable accommodation requests assistance animals do not meet HUD & FHAct guidelines; therefore, they can be treated as pets.

This helps property managers reclaim once lost pet revenue and significantly increases their bottom-line and portfolio NOI.

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Over 60% of ESAs submitted don't pass federal guidelines due to forged signatures, altered dates, fake letterheads, copy and pasted names, or fake medical notes
PetScreening's platform manages vaccination records for pet owners, so that property managers don't have to

Remove the risk from your team

Asking the wrong question(s) can result in a possible discrimination claim. We can help your team manage this risk. Our legal team manages our Assistance Animal Review review process and team of reviewers and verifiers. Collectively, our in-house teams and product workflow understands and adheres to the HUD/FHAct guidelines.


Reclaim Lost Pet Revenue

Fake ESAs and Insufficient Requests lead to pet revenue recovery. PetScreening has completed over 550,000 Assistance Animal reviews and found that over 60% do not provide sufficient documentation to meet the federal guidelines. That is over 120,000 pet owners that are now subject to applicable pet fees and rent.

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Assistance Animal Reviews

Our Review Process

Request Submitted

Each requester can use our simple and secure platform to submit their accommodation request.

Review Process

Our in-house Assistance Animal Review Team reviews each request for assistance animals consistent with the HUD/FHAct guidelines.

Determination Shared

Our team makes a determination, and it is shared with both the requester and the property manager.

Over the last few years, we've had to change a lot of things within our industry and within our organization. One of the best things that we've done was to implement PetScreening. Not only did it create a succinct pet policy for us, and our process is the same for every application, but it also reduced our liability and dramatically increased our pet revenue.

Jennifer Stoops

Executive Vice President of Park Avenue Properties, A PURE Company