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Unlock Benefits With A PetScreening Profile

PetScreening is dedicated to making the world more pet inclusive by enabling the use of technology to encourage and enable responsible pet ownership. See how in our consumer focused brands below.
Our Missions
Help every lost pet find its way home
Enable a world where you can bring your pet everywhere you live, work, play, or stay
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FidoTabby Pet Passport
PetScreening for residents

All Your Pet's Information in One Place

Each applicant/resident is provided with a digital pet profile that captures and stores all the relevant pet information including all your custom attestations, policies, and requirements.  They can use this profile everywhere they bring their pet (i.e. groomers, walkers, boarding facilities, vets, etc.) to make their pet owning experience meaningful & seamless.

Amber Alert for Pets

Enjoy complimentary access to FidoTabby Alert with every active PetScreening profile.

— FREE nationwide pet alert network
— Connect with thousands of local pet finders
— Bring lost pets home, safe & sound

Create Your Profile
FidoTabby Alert sends a text out to a network of local pet finders in the event your pet is lost

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