Digital Pet & Animal Management Platform

Created by property managers for property managers. PetScreening is the industry's first and leading solution for implementing smart pet policies at no cost to HOA Managers, Home Owners, asset owners & operators.

why Petscreening

Managing Pet & Animal Policies Across Your Portfolio

Liability Protection

Our proprietary screening platform adds an extra layer of liability protection by helping you understand the risks associate with home owners and their pets and animals.

Animal Accommodation Requests

Our Assistance Animal Review Team is managed by our legal team. We review each and every request for assistance animals to ensure they meet the HUD & FHAct guidelines.

Pet & Renter Population Management

Our cloud-based, safe, and secure digital platform provides HOAs a dashboard that helps identify renters vs. home owners and manage their pet and animal populations across their entire portfolio in real-time.

Streamlined Pet Policies

Ensure 100% Pet Policy Compliance

Our proprietary software helps you ensure that every pet and pet owner adheres to the required policies (i.e. updated vaccinations).

PetScreening's platform manages vaccination records for pet owners, so that property managers don't have to
PetScreening's platform includes a real-time pet dashboard with cross property incident reporting

The Only National Database of Pet & Animal Related Incidents in Rental Housing

HOA managers can report pet-related incidents such as unauthorized pets, property damage, pet bites, off-leash incidents, dog-poop offenders and more. These incidents follow the resident into perpetuity so future property managers, landlords, association managers, etc. are aware of the prior incidents.

Over the last few years, we've had to change a lot of things within our industry and within our organization. One of the best things that we've done was to implement PetScreening. Not only did it create a succinct pet policy for us, and our process is the same for every application, but it also reduced our liability and dramatically increased our pet revenue.

Jennifer Stoops

Executive Vice President of Park Avenue Properties, A PURE Company
No Cost but Tremendous Value

Built with Pet Owners and HOA Managers in Mind.

There is never any cost to HOA managers or home owners with minimal cost to renters.  All consumers get a FREE custom digital pet passport they can use everywhere they go.

Estimated annual pet revenue increases when using PetScreening's services
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