Pet Owners

Our software is unique, using 35+ individual data points to help landlord and property managers across the country understand how to thoughtfully measure risk while enacting and managing responsible, accountable, and inclusive pet policies.


Standardized Data Driven Screening for Pets

Digital Pet Management

Digital platform provides real-time pet management. Property managers have at their fingertips every pet in their building, the status, rent, and details.

Legally Binding Policy

Have 100% confidence that every pet owner has legally attested to every pet policy and requirement you have.

Sharable Digital Pet Profile

Generate a Pet Profile with FIDO Score™ based on pet specific information such as breed, pictures, weight, vaccination records, behaviors, and more.

Digital Pet Management

Real-Time Pet Dashboard with cross property incident reporting.

Manage all the pets in your building in your personalized dashboard.  Access incident history or report new incidents to ensure your fellow properties know the pets they are renting to.

PetScreening's platform includes a real-time pet dashboard with cross property incident reporting
PetScreening's platform manages vaccination records for pet owners, so that property managers don't have to

Legally Binding Attestations for Every Pet

Require every pet owner to complete and legally attest to over 21 attestations covering bite history, vaccination history, nuance behavior, etc.  Have a record of this at your fingertips if an incident ever occurs.

Shareable Digital Pet Profile

All your pet's information in one place.

Every pet owner receives a digital pet profile that captures and stores all the relevant pet information including, all your custom attestations, policies, and requirements. Pet owners can use this profile everywhere they bring their pet (ie. groomers, walkers, boarding facilities, vets, etc.) to make their pet owning experience meaningful and seamless.

Estimated annual pet revenue increases when using PetScreening's services
*Image is for demonstration purposes. Results will vary.
fast and mobile friendly process

Our Review Process

Lease Submitted

Easily integrated into the leasing process so no work is required by the property manager.

Profile Application Process

Fast, Mobile Friendly profile application.  Takes under 3-minutes to complete.

Instant results

Our proprietary algorithm processes all the data and issues a FIDO Score™ and risk rating instantly which is shared directly with the property manager.

Over the last few years, we've had to change a lot of things within our industry and within our organization. One of the best things that we've done was to implement PetScreening. Not only did it create a succinct pet policy for us, and our process is the same for every application, but it also reduced our liability and dramatically increased our pet revenue.

Jennifer Stoops

Executive Vice President of Park Avenue Properties, A PURE Company