Non-Pet Owners

The No Pet or Animal profile allows those without pets or animals to acknowledge their housing provider's pet policies and restrictions on pet sitting, visiting pets, and getting a pet mid-lease.


Standardized Data Driven Screening for Non-pets

Digital Pet Management

Always have a real-time digital record indicating who has a pet or gets a new pet while they are living in your managed asset.

Legally Binding Policy

Each applicant/resident must legally attest to not owning a pet, acknowledge they will not pet sit, visit or foster, and if they obtain a pet they must complete a new Pet Profile which then notifies the property manager.

Increase Pet Revenue

Catch unauthorized pets to help recapture lost pet revenue by having a legally attested digital record on file proving that your resident knew your pet policies.

Digital Pet Management

Not All Non-pet Owners Stay That Way

Many applicants/residents wait until after they move in to get a pet. Maintain a legally attested digital record proving they knew your pet policies at time of move in.

Over 60% of ESAs submitted don't pass federal guidelines due to forged signatures, altered dates, fake letterheads, copy and pasted names, or fake medical notes
PetScreening's platform manages vaccination records for pet owners, so that property managers don't have to

Legally Binding Attestations from Every Applicant/Resident

Maintain a legally attested digital record proving they knew your pet policies at time of move in.


Reclaim Lost Pet Revenue

Unauthorized pets can be prevalent in rental portfolios. Catch unauthorized pets through PetScreening's platform and have a legal record that of the applicant/resident confirming they don't have a pet. PetScreening will help you recapture lost pet revenue for all those unknown pets.

See How Much You Can Save with Revenue Fetcher
Estimated annual pet revenue increases when using PetScreening's services
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Assistance Animal Reviews

Our Review Process

Lease Submitted

Easily integrated into the leasing process so no work is required by the property manager.

Profile Application Process

Fast, mobile friendly profile application.  The application takes under 1-minute to complete.

Instant results

Instant results shared with the property and legal attestations recorded in the system.

Over the last few years, we've had to change a lot of things within our industry and within our organization. One of the best things that we've done was to implement PetScreening. Not only did it create a succinct pet policy for us, and our process is the same for every application, but it also reduced our liability and dramatically increased our pet revenue.

Jennifer Stoops

Executive Vice President of Park Avenue Properties, A PURE Company