PetScreening Partners with Aptly to Enhance Pet Policy Management and Streamline Rental Applications

    PetScreening, which offers the rental housing industry's first and leading pet policy management software at no charge to property owners and managers, today announced a strategic partnership with Aptly, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and workflow automation software for property management professionals. The partnership is geared to optimize the way property managers implement pet policies and reduce fraud during the application process.
    PetScreening offers a unique platform that streamlines the assistance animal accommodation request process and enforces pet policies effectively. The platform allows rental-housing companies to embrace a pet-inclusive approach while enhancing their pet-related revenue streams and saving considerable time in managing documentation and compliance.

    With the integration of PetScreening into Aptly’s advanced screening solution, the pet policy enforcement process will be seamlessly embedded into the application procedure for prospective renters. Aptly’s screening solution, which already boasts instant ID and income verification to reduce application fraud, will now enable property managers to verify pet policy compliance with the same efficiency and reliability.

    “Aptly is renowned for its workflow automations and innovative screening solution, and forging a partnership was a clear choice for us,” says John Bradford, CEO of PetScreening. “Their commitment to automating and simplifying the rental application process aligns perfectly with our mission to streamline pet policy management. Together, we’re setting the standard for a hassle-free, inclusive and revenue-generating approach to pet policies in property management.”

    This integration is poised to significantly reduce the workload of leasing teams, which currently spend an inordinate amount of time collecting and verifying pet and assistance animal documentation. By engaging PetScreening to help streamline these processes, teams can focus more on providing exceptional customer service and less on paperwork.

    “Aptly’s partnership with PetScreening was forged from a shared vision of innovation and excellence,” asserts Sina Shekou, CEO of Aptly. “Our collaboration is grounded in the conviction that property managers should have the best tools to drive compliance and maximize revenue opportunities with minimal effort. Aptly has been at the forefront for battling the increasing amount of fraud that occurs during the application process. PetScreening’s solution stands out for its ability to ensure animal policy compliance, making it an invaluable addition to the suite of tools we offer to our clients. This integration is more than a new feature; it’s a new industry standard.”

    The enhanced Aptly platform, in collaboration with PetScreening, will provide a streamlined, intuitive experience for renters and property managers alike, helping to reduce application fraud and promote a pet-friendly environment without compromising on policy adherence or revenue potential.

    To learn more about PetScreening's integration with Aptly, click here.