PetScreening Announces Enhanced Integration Option With Rent Manager

    PetScreening, a first-of-its-kind screening platform that empowers property managers to outsource their pet risk assessment and assistance animal validation processes at no charge, today announced it has integrated with property management software provider Rent Manager.

    Rent Manager features an extremely customizable, user-friendly platform that allows property managers to operate in one integrated solution. The integration with Rent Manager will enable onsite teams to utilize PetScreening in a more streamlined fashion and reduce many time-consuming challenges for onsite associates. Property management teams regularly dedicate numerous hours toward acquiring proper pet and assistance animal documentation, and the integration with Rent Manager will automate many of those tasks.

    “As property management companies continue to seek timesaving software solutions under a single dashboard, the integration with Rent Manager enhances that mission,” said David Stunja, chief operating officer of PetScreening. “The integration gives management firms direct access to our pet policy screening and assistance animal verification services. It also automates the screening process for future residents when completing their application.”

    The integration mitigates the chances of human error as a result of manual processes and minimizes the chances that invalid information will be accepted with regard to expired vaccinations and assistance/emotional support animal requests. With the time saved, leasing associates are free to focus on leasing, resident requests and other property-related responsibilities.

    “This partnership with Rent Manager empowers property managers by helping them better understand their housing-related pet risk while also limiting potential service animal and ESA fraud,” said John Bradford, chief executive officer and founder of PetScreening. “We are excited for this innovative partnership, and together we will continue the quest to streamline the ways property managers oversee their pet and animal processes.”

    Under the PetScreening platform, a pet-owning applicant pays a nominal fee when they apply for a rental home and enters information about their specific pet(s) into the only centralized pet-screening database to analyze rental housing-related risk. The platform weighs various pet-related factors, including a community’s specific restrictions, such as breed, weight and age. This allows property managers to comprehensively assess a specific pet and pet owner that wants to live at a rental property.

    Each pet profile also reflects animal-related incidents that property managers record and report while a pet is living at their community. Examples include pet/animal bites, property damage or any owner-related issues, such as repeat noise complaints, off-leash offenders or failure to pick up pet waste. These recorded incidents will follow the pet/animal and its owner in perpetuity so that the next property manager can review the incident log and use it at their discretion.

    Getting Started
    To get started with PetScreening's service and two-way API integration within Rent Manager:

    1. Under the Admin tab in your Rent Manager account, select Available Integrations
    2. Go to the Resident Services area
    3. Select PetScreening to request activation and send PetScreening your integration credentials (username & password)

    Your integration request will be sent to PetScreening for approval.

    While PetScreening is a no-cost service for housing providers, Rent Manager charges a $50 monthly integration fee per customer. PetScreening considers this charge to be a pass-through fee, without any markup to our customers. We require a credit card authorization form and will charge $50 at the beginning of each month (prorated the first month, if applicable.)

    For more information about PetScreening's enhanced integration with Rent Manager, click here.