Simplifying Pet Management: PetScreening and Moved Partner for Enhanced Compliance and Efficiency for Multifamily Communities

    [Press Release] CHARLOTTE, N.C. – June 13, 2024 – PetScreening, which offers the rental housing industry's first and leading pet policy management software at no charge to property owners and managers, and Moved, the leading web-based operational software platform designed to automate the resident move-in, move-out, and transfer process for multifamily communities, today announced their collaboration to enhance regulatory compliance and streamline pet management for property management teams and residents alike.

    Through this partnership, Moved clients can now access PetScreening's comprehensive pet management tools during the resident onboarding phase. This integration will enable property management teams to efficiently handle pet-related matters, from risk assessment to compliance, ensuring a smooth and standardized resident experience.

    Key benefits of the partnership include:

    • Enhanced efficiency: Automate and streamline pet-related tasks via the Moved resident onboarding flow, reducing the administrative burden on property management teams.
    • Reduced liability: Ensure thorough pet and assistance animal management by harnessing Moved’s onboarding platform, which boasts an average engagement rate of more than 95%, effectively reducing potential legal risks. 
    • Regulatory compliance: Ensure adherence to FHAct/HUD guidelines with PetScreening's thorough reviews of assistance animal accommodation requests.
    • Standardized risk assessment: Use PetScreening's digital Pet Profile and FIDO Score to comprehensively assess and manage pet-related risks.
    • Resident satisfaction: Provide a transparent and seamless onboarding experience for residents moving in with their pets and assistance animals.

    “We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Moved,” said John Bradford, founder and CEO of PetScreening. “Over the years, we’ve designed and developed an intuitive, efficient and truly cutting-edge tool for rental housing operators. Moved is similarly committed to innovation and best-in-class user experiences, and so a collaboration between our two companies is an obvious and natural fit. Together, our solutions will make it easier than ever for rental housing operators to manage their onsite pet and assistance animal populations.”

    "Our partnership with PetScreening is a game-changer for multifamily operators," said Adam Pittenger, CEO and founder of Moved. "By integrating PetScreening’s advanced pet management tools with Moved’s best-in-class resident onboarding and offboarding platform, we're not just enhancing pet management processes but also lightening the workload for onsite teams and residents. This partnership reflects our mutual commitment to creating innovative solutions that enhance the resident experience and streamline property management operations.”

    For further details about the Moved and PetScreening partnership and integration within the Moved resident onboarding and offboarding platform, please contact or visit