Pet Policies

Multifamily Executive: How Technology Works as a Catalyst in the Evolution of Leasing

    In a recent article published on Multifamily Executive, Kortney Balas, Vice President of Information Management at JVM Realty Corporation, explains how technology — including automated pet screening and animal validation — is helping streamline the leasing process to give on-site managers the ability to focus building relationships with their residents.

    Here's an excerpt from How Technology Works as a Catalyst in the Evolution of Leasing:

    JVM has also started using an automated pet screening service with a centralized database of information on pets and their owners to assess the risk posed by an applicant's pet and help validate assistance animal accommodation requests. "We were putting the burden of trying to identify if an animal was an assistance animal or not on our leasing teams," Balas says. "That's an incredibly hard conversation to have when you don't think somebody has a legitimate assistance animal or their documentation is insufficient."

    “An automated pet screening and animal validation service will help leasing agents avoid difficult conversations and save them a lot of valuable time,” says John R. Bradford, founder of "Time is the most valuable asset to an on-site leasing agent and property manager. Utilizing an automated and outsourced pet screening and animal validation process not only gives more time back to the on-site leasing and management teams, but it also mitigates some risk and liability of the property management company and asset owner."

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