Pet Policies

Controlling the Problem of Unauthorized Pets

    In an article published by the National Apartment Association (NAA), Kortney Balas of JVM Realty Corporation discusses an on-going problem within the property management industry — unauthorized pets.

    Here's an excerpt from "Closing the Loophole on Unauthorized Pets":

    Whether because of haste or oversight, there are times when leasing professionals don’t address the community’s pet policy with residents who aren’t accompanied with their pets during the application or lease-signing moment. Making prospective residents aware of the policy during their initial visit to the property, including signing off that they understand it, can help matters later in the lease term. Residents who might not have acknowledged the pet policies from the start are essentially flying under the radar with their newly acquired pets after move-in – and, naturally, this creates an increased risk for the community. For example, if Jason from 201-B adopts or pet-sits a dog that ends up biting a resident, the victim won’t take long to question the dog’s presence at the community.

    To read the full article on the NAA website, click here.