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PetScreening Audits

With PetScreening’s Audits feature, import your entire rental portfolio to view all PetScreening profiles within your units and properties. At a high-level, you can see everyone who has a completed and compliant profile, while being able to easily track and notify your applicants and residents who have missing profiles or profiles that are non-compliant.

The Audits Page

For integrated properties, the Audits page in your PetScreening account gives you the ability to:

  • Track profiles for ALL of your units
  • Easily spot applicants and residents with incomplete profiles and send reminders
    *For properties that are not integrated, you can still send reminders, however you will do so through your Daily & Weekly activity report using the pre-templated email.
  • Run digital pet audits

To access the Audits page, log into your PetScreening account and click Audits in the main navigation menu.

Importing Units

Visit for instructions on how to import units from your property management system.

Profile Statuses

  • Compliant: Active profile that meets all requirements and is in good standing
  • Missing Required Fields: Active profile missing required fields such as photos and vaccination records
  • Expired: Profile has passed expiration date and is no longer active
  • Missing: Profile has not been submitted by applicant/resident

The Search Bar

Search and filter your units at the top of the Audits page. There are 4 filter options in the Search Bar:

  • Search by Resident or Address
  • Search by Lease Start Date Range
  • Search by Lease End Date Range
  • Search by Profile Status

Send Reminder Notifications

To send an email notice to individuals at a single property:

  1. Locate the property address on the Audits page. Use the Search Bar at the top of the page, if needed.
  2. Click the 3 dot icon to the right of the property address.
  3. Click Send Notifications.

You will then be directed to the notification message where you can make any changes to the text before clicking Send.

Send Multiple Notifications

Send email notices to all applicants/residents with non-compliant profiles at the same time.

  1. Click Send Reminder Notifications at the top right of the Audits Page.
  2. Edit the text in the Notifications boxes, or use the default language.
  3. Click Send.

To send to a specific segment of your applicants/residents, use the Search Bar at the top of the Audits page to filter those individuals before clicking Send Reminder Notifications (step 1 above).

Edit Reminder Notifications

You have the option to edit the language in each Reminder Notification type before sending them to your applicants/residents.

  1. Click Send Reminder Notifications.
  2. Click Change Text next to the notification you would like to edit.
  3. Edit your text.
  4. Click Send to send your customized notification.

Got More Questions?
We’re here to help. Write to us:
Got More Questions?
We’re here to help. Write to us:
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