It’s important to have a pet policy in place that includes a thorough look into the background of the pet and its owner. Keeping this process consistent for all residents and their pets is easy when you remember your ABC's.



Affirmation is getting the pet owner on record about the general care of their pet. Is the pet house trained? Is the pet up to date on its vaccinations? Does the owner pick up after the pet?


Behavioral is ensuring there is a stated history about a pet’s behavior. Has the pet shown aggression toward people or animals? Behavioral should be addressed with assistance animals, too.

PetScreening ABC (2).png


Compatibility is getting more details on the pet. What does the pet look like? Information such as the pet’s breed, weight, age, sex, name, and vet history should be investigated.

Pets and Pet Owners are not equal & the answers to these ABC’s will vary. Having a consistent screening process for pets in place will help reduce your firm’s liability and put you on the path to better pet management.