PetScreening is changing the way the housing industry manages household pets and assistance animals.


Our Service

PetScreening is a no-charge service for housing providers and property managers in multi-family, single-family, student housing, and vacation rentals. Our service provides an easy and standardized way to hold all new applicants and renewing residents accountable to your pet policies - including your No Pet policies. In summary, we help you hold non-pet owners accountable, we screen household pets for risk, and we help validate reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals (Service/ESA/Companion/etc.)

PetScreening creates three types of comprehensive digital profiles that encompasses everyone regardless of their pet or animal ownership status.

Our No Pet Profile ensures that your non-pet owners are on the formal record acknowledging your no pet policies such as no pet sitting, no short term pet visitation from guests and more. There is zero cost ($0) to submit a No Pet Profile.

Our Pet Profile provides a FIDO Score™ for each pet application and we charge a nominal application fee to the pet owner. Our FIDO Score™ can help generate a new stream of incremental bottom-line revenue just by implementing a variable pet-fee schedule (i.e. pet rent/pet fees/pet deposits) that correlates to the FIDO Score™. Using the FIDO Score™ to set variable pet rents, pet fees and pet deposits is a very similar methodology to using a FICO credit score to determine a resident’s security deposit amount.

An Animal Profile is provided after our in-house legal review team reviews each and every assistance animal accommodation request and makes a Recommendation. We follow the FHAct guidelines during our legal review process which includes applying the test of reasonableness to each and every request. A FIDO Score™ is issued for pets only and does not apply to assistance animals. There is zero cost ($0) for submitting a reasonable accommodation request.

All three digital profiles (No Pet, Pet, and Animal Profiles) are accessible anytime and can be e-shared with field inspectors, maintenance vendors, and even your property owners. Property managers can report incidents such as damage/bites/unauthorized pets/and more. This reported behavioral data will remain with the pet/animal’s behavioral history and will be made available to future property managers.


Our firm started using the service and we have never looked back. It has taken liability off of us as it pertains to assistance animals and has given us a real structure around our pet policies.


We implemented PetScreening recently and have been enjoying the product immensely. It is a product long overdue and will take the “headache” out of the screening process, especially when dealing with animals.

— DEDRA C. is the best…We love the detailed information provided in each Pet Profile, and we love the third-party validation of Service and Companion Animals which includes the protection of sensitive records.


In the first week of using PetScreening, we caught a false service animal. I love it as it reduces my liability, it's outsourced to a third party, and costs us nothing. My managers love it because of its ease of use.