Pet Policies

What a Pet-Friendly Apartment Community Truly Looks Like

    A pet-friendly apartment community can mean different things due to marketing. In a recent article published on the Rental Housing Journal, PetScreening CEO & Founder John Bradford explains what a truly pet-friendly apartment community looks like. Here's an excerpt:

    The term “pet-friendly” is often used as a marketing chip in the rental-housing world, but simply allowing pets at a property no longer qualifies as being genuinely pet-friendly.

    That’s because many restrictions often accompany an apartment community’s pet policies, such as breed, weight, number of pets and even age, as some deny puppies and kittens. So if you’re a prospective resident and the community you’re considering as your next place to live allows some pets—but not yours—it doesn’t come across as exceedingly pet-friendly.

    Communities with rigid policies are not only falling behind from the standpoint of appearing attractive to pet-owning residents, but also leaving an abundance of potential revenue on the table. Data supports the ideas that shedding restrictions might not be as off-putting to residents or difficult to implement as one might initially surmise, and that increasing pet-related amenities might not be a bank-breaker.

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