Pet Policies

Retrieving FIDO Scores for Household Pets

    Hi there. It’s John Bradford, Pet Lover and Founder of

    In the household pet screening process at, we look at data points that focus on the "ABCs" (Affirmations, Behavioral, and Compatibility) of each pet and pet owner. The pet owner submits a pet application along with a final legal attestation to confirm validity. A Pet Profile is instantaneously generated and includes name, breed, weight, sex, age, pictures, vaccination information, micro-chip data, and behavioral information.

    When I applied through with my Australian Shepherd Maggie, her Pet Profile results came back with a 3-paw FIDO Score™.

    You may be wondering, “What’s a FIDO Score™?”

    During the Pet Screening process, several factors are collected from the pet owner and compiled into a detailed Pet Profile. These factors help determine a “paw rating” or FIDO Score™. This score is intended to help a housing provider better understand the housing related risk for each pet and pet owner. PetScreening includes our patent pending and proprietary FIDO Score™ with each Pet Profile.

    Speaking as a pet owner, Maggie is a great dog and she’s a part of my family. But Maggie is a hyper dog. She barks. She can scratch our hardwood floors. To a housing provider, these behaviors pose some potential risk. PetScreening took these behaviors into account to calculate Maggie’s 3-paw FIDO Score™. (The FIDO Score™ system ranges between 5-paw down to 0-paw.)

    So, what can a housing provider do with a FIDO Score™?

    Housing Providers can use the FIDO Score™ to charge appropriate pet fees to make sure they’re covering their risk when renting to pets and their owners. Leveraging FIDO Score™ results to set up a tiered pet fee structure could lead to substantial new revenue opportunities for housing providers. If you are interesting in finding out how much additional revenue your company could possibly generate with PetScreening, check out our Revenue Estimator Spreadsheet.