Assistance Animals

PetScreening Announces Partnership with Fortis Property Management

    Platform Implemented at Nearly 40 Communities, 9,000 Homes in the Southeast

    [Press Release] PetScreening, a first-of-its-kind screening platform that empowers property managers to outsource their pet risk assessment and assistance animal validation processes at no charge, has partnered with Fortis Property Management to implement its platform across Fortis’s entire portfolio.

    Fortis Property Management is an Atlanta-based property management firm that manages nearly 40 apartment communities throughout the Southeast. Formed in 2021 as part of a merger between Hammond Residential Group and the multifamily portfolio of JEM Holdings, the Fortis portfolio includes more than 9,000 apartment homes throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama.

    “In this day it’s extremely important to be pet-friendly, because if you’re not you eliminate an entire portion of your applicants,” said Katie Ashley, COO and head of JEM multifamily operations. “But screening pets on our own was extremely difficult and put a burden on our site teams. It was a very manual and very cumbersome process. With PetScreening, we have a remarkably efficient and thorough solution that allows us to determine the risk posed by a pet, track our pets onsite and handle accommodation requests for assistance animals.”

    The PetScreening platform is the nation’s only centralized pet-screening database to analyze rental housing-related risk. Through PetScreening, a rental applicant enters information about their pets and the platform weighs various pet-related factors, including a community’s specific restrictions, such as breed, weight and age. This provides property owners with a streamlined process to comprehensively assess a specific pet and pet owner who want to live at a rental property.

    Non-pet owning residents also fill out a free profile to declare they do not own a pet or animal, and that they understand and agree with the community rules, whether they acquire, foster or sit for a pet/animal during their stay. PetScreening also handles assistance animal accommodation requests for property teams.

    “As Fortis continues to expand its portfolio, the company continues to exhibit a forward-thinking approach and always strives to be on the leading edge of innovation,” said John Bradford, founder and CEO of PetScreening. “The decision to implement PetScreening at its properties is an expansion of that approach, and we could not be more enthusiastic about this partnership. We look forward to helping Fortis teams provide the most pet-friendly, pet-responsible experience in the apartment market.”