PetScreening and Pegasus Residential Announce Partnership

    Screening Platform Introduced at 123 Communities, 35,000 Apartment Homes

    CHARLOTTE, NC, Nov. 17, 2020 — PetScreening, a first-of-its-kind screening platform that empowers property managers to outsource their pet risk assessment and assistance animal validation processes at no charge, today announced it has partnered with Pegasus Residential to implement its platform at 35,000 apartment homes spanning 123 communities.

    Pegasus Residential is a leading apartment management organization headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga. with offices throughout Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions and is rapidly expanding west. The company, founded in 2009, manages more than 35,000 rental homes and was included in the National Multifamily Housing Council's 2020 list of 50 Largest Apartment Managers.

    "As pets become an even greater component of the apartment landscape, it has become increasingly crucial to efficiently manage pet processes," said Wendy Dorchester, vice president of operations for Pegasus Residential. "Manually tracking pets and handling accommodation animal requests is a cumbersome task, and we believe leaning on PetScreening will greatly assist in streamlining these processes. At Pegasus, we love pets so much that our annual charity has been the ASPCA for several years. We are eager to have a standardized approach, with simple ease of use for our future residents to utilize. This will make it easier to move 'Rover' or 'Miss Kitty' in."

    Through the PetScreening platform, a pet-owning applicant pays a nominal fee at the time they apply for a rental home and enters information about their pet or pets into the only centralized pet-screening database to analyze rental housing-related risk. The platform weighs various pet-related factors, including a community's specific restrictions, such as breed, weight and age. This creates a streamlined process to comprehensively assess a specific pet and pet owner who wants to live at a rental property. Non-pet owning residents also fill out a free profile to demonstrate they are aware of the community rules, whether they acquire or sit for a pet/animal during their stay.

    Each pet profile also reflects animal-related incidents reported by property managers while a pet is living at their community. Examples include animal bites, property damage or any owner issues, such as repeat noise complaints, off-leash offenders or housing unauthorized pets. These registered incidents will follow the animal and its owner in perpetuity so that the next property manager can review the incident log and use it at their discretion. Learn more about the platform, which carries no cost for rental property management teams, at

    "We look forward to adding Pegasus Residential to the platform and helping to create the most pet-friendly, pet-responsible experience for the company's residents and onsite teams," said John Bradford, founder of PetScreening. "Pegasus has always been on the cutting-edge in providing resources for associates, and we believe standardized policies, enabled by technology, will allow the company to manage pet processes in more streamlined fashion and help increase pet-related revenue."

    About PetScreening

    PetScreening™ helps housing providers manage residents' pets and assistance animals for free while generating opportunities for pet-related revenue. The digital screening platform standardizes risk-assessment for household pets by providing a digital Pet Profile and FIDO Score for each pet screened. PetScreening streamlines the assistance animal accommodation request review process while following HUD guidelines, and it helps limit unauthorized pets. For more information, visit

    About Pegasus Residential

    Pegasus is an NMHC Top 50 management organization, offering boutique-level management in nine states and 48 metropolitan markets. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, Pegasus presently has remote offices in Charleston, Charlotte, Raleigh, Orlando and Dallas. Pegasus manages over 33,000 units for more than 40 clients. Pegasus was founded by Lindy Ware and Debbie Conley in 2009 with the intent to become a provider of world-class service in the rental housing real estate business. To learn more about Pegasus, visit