NC Tech's Top 10 Startups to Watch

    The North Carolina Technology Association (NC Tech), the unifying voice for the technology community in North Carolina, held their annual NC Tech Awards gala in Raleigh this month to celebrate and honor leaders and innovators in North Carolina’s tech sector.

    The event received hundreds of submissions from across the state for various categories.

    Finalists were honored and the winners were announced at the gala. One of the categories showcased was the Top 10 Startups to Watch.

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    PetScreening, a first-of-its-kind screening platform that empowers property managers to outsource their pet risk assessment and assistance animal validation processes at no charge, was one of the companies recognized in this category.

    “PetScreening is honored to be recognized by the North Carolina Technology Association as one of the Top 10 Startups to Watch in North Carolina,” said John Bradford, PetScreening CEO & Founder.  “It’s incredibly humbling to stand among so many great technology companies and innovators. We appreciate the NC TECH Association’s confidence in our pet-prop-tech company and we love calling North Carolina our home.”

    Here’s a look at all of the companies that made this top 10 list of startups to watch in 2019 and beyond:


    Aeva Labs -
    Aeva Labs has developed technology that eliminates the largest bottleneck and financial barrier to producing aged alcoholic products. Our equipment cuts years off production times, increases profits, and empowers the distilling community to take full control of the good that comes from aging, without the pains.

    Allstacks -
    Allstacks is a predictive analytics platform that aggregates data from all product development related data sources to give program and engineering management meaningful metrics that allow them to report and forecast project progress, health, and productivity.

    Auxbus -
    Our mission is to develop technology that brings clarity to speech and makes audio content creation accessible to the world. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Asheville, NC, the Auxbus team shares a common goal of eliminating obstacles that stand between audio content creators and their audience. We’re helping you sound clever, conversational, creative, and in control of your audio – clearly.

    Green Stream Technologies -
    Green Stream is an environmental technologies company. Our mission is to help create smarter, safer, more resilient cities and communities through the power of internet of things technology and data analytics.

    Kaleido -
    Kaleido is the only Full-Stack Blockchain-as-a-Service offering a turnkey solution that simplifies and accelerates the entire enterprise journey—from proof-of-concept to production. Designed for modern business networks, users can participate across clouds on Microsoft Azure and AWS, on-premise using the Kaleido Private Stack and across regions.

    PetScreening -
    PetScreening was created by Property Managers for Property Managers to fill an industry need for liability protection against pet-related incidents. In addition to providing Property Managers and Landlords greater diligence for pets & assistance animals, PetScreening creates detailed pet records for property management lease files, validates assistance animal statuses and generates substantial new pet revenue opportunities for property management companies.

    Swell Systems -
    Swell Systems, Inc is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider which develops and maintains software applications using cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate and increase productivity in the consumers day to day life.

    The Climate Service -
    At The Climate Service, we use cutting-edge science and technology to help you measure, monitor, and manage the financial impacts of climate on your business and your investments. We are here to help you know the "What?"​, "Where?"​, "When?"​, and "How much?"​ of your climate risk. Our Climanomics™ analytics system is the world's only cloud-based analytics platform that provides investors and corporations with top-down and bottom-up analyses of the financial impacts of climate change on your assets.

    Threat Sketch -
    We are experts at Cyber Risk Management. Our flagship service is a strategic cyber risk assessment for small and medium businesses. We do the hard part of sourcing and interpreting cyber crime statistics where other solutions leave you those tasks to you.

    Viibrant -
    Viibrant is a cloud-based, resident portal service unlike any other. Our software incorporates cutting-edge technology in order to create a customizable, intuitive system with functionality as a top priority. Compatible with any electronic device, our system allows community residents to instantly access their information at a click--or touch--of a button.

    NC Tech Top 10 Startups to Watch