Assistance Animals

Fraudulent Accommodation Requests for Assistance Animals: A Growing Problem.

    The article "Fraudulent Accommodation Requests for Assistance Animals: A Growing Problem" on Multifamily Executive reports a growing issue in the rental housing industry: fraudulent requests for reasonable assistance animal accommodations. The practice is not a seasonal trend but a persistent problem causing challenges for property management teams.

    Tenants are increasingly exploiting accommodation laws for assistance animals, leading to a surge of fraudulent requests. This exploitation is facilitated by online marketing campaigns offering quick and easy certification for emotional support animals, making it difficult for landlords and property managers to distinguish genuine cases from scams.

    The verification process becomes even more challenging for on-site property management teams, as they must balance the need to accommodate legitimate requests with the necessity to prevent fraudulent practices.

    To effectively manage this issue, the article suggests promoting responsible pet ownership among residents and adopting comprehensive pet policies. It also emphasizes the importance of rethinking breed and weight restrictions, which can sometimes lead to fraudulent requests.

    By taking these steps, property managers can establish a fair and respectful environment for all residents while ensuring compliance with accommodation laws.