When a resident submits a reasonable accommodation request for housing, he answers the two permissible HUD questions and submits documentation from a medical professional. Our legal team reviews the request and contacts the medical professional to validate the submitted documentation. We review the accommodation requests within 24-business hours. If the review time takes longer, this likely means our team is waiting for validation from the third-party verifier or more information is needed from the Requester.

There is no charge ($0) to the Requester or housing provider for this review process. This process is intended for individuals with non-obvious disabilities and disability-related needs for an assistance animal.

We follow the Fair Housing Act (FHAct) guidelines regarding reasonable housing accommodation requests for assistance animals. The FHAct provides that reliable and credible documentation that meet the test of reasonableness may be requested and reviewed. Third-party verifier documentation such as, but not limited to, a letter from a medical doctor, social worker, or mental health professional are acceptable example sources of documentation. It’s noteworthy that there is no exhaustive list of third-party verifiers or respective documentation, but the documentation must affirm the animal owner has a disability and a disability-related need for the animal.

For more details on housing guidelines regarding assistance animal accommodation requests, view our list of HUD, ADA and FHAct resources.